Olympische Spiele - 1936 - Buch

Olympische Spiele - 1936 - Buch
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Publisher: Cigaretten Bilderdienst Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, 1936.
Linen binding.
3rd Reich, 2 photo albums “Olympia 1936” 2. “Die Olympischen Spiele 1936 à Berlin et Garmisch Partenkirchen”, volume 1. 2.
This rare, luxurious and entirely original publication was published at the opening of the Games in 1936. It consists of dozens of original photographs acquired by collectors of the time. The album contains a retrospective of the famous Olympic Games and shows the German Olympic team of 1936. The first pages of the album contain photographs of Adolf Hitler. Participating delegations and the competition schedule are also displayed. A historical publication ahead of its time and intended to make the Nazi regime known. The images of this sporting event were manipulated to create a link between Nazi Germany and Ancient Greece. Germany was the champion of the 11th Olympic Games. The persecution of the Jews resumed shortly after the end of the competition. Two days after the end of the Olympic Games, Captain Wolfgang Fuerstner, head of the Olympic Village, killed himself when he learned that he had been dismissed from military service because of his Jewish background.

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Olympische Spiele
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