Belgien - Victor Collette - Gravity Feed - SA - Pistole

Belgien - Victor Collette - Gravity Feed - SA - Pistole
Exzellenter Zustand - Nicht deaktiviert

Scarce Engraved Victor Collette Gravity Feed  Pistol.
Produced in both repeating and single shot varieties, the Collette Gravity Fed Pistol uses a novel mobile chamber/breechblock assembly in conjunction with a fully contained cartridge comparable to the Hunt/Volcanic Rocket Ball. The pistol used hollow bullets containing their own powder charge and primer which were similar to the American Volcanic bullet of 1854.
A groove runs along the top of the breech for a cartridge to be placed, and when the hammer is cocked the breechblock lifts into position for the cartridge to slide into the chamber, and then drops down to the firing position when the hammer is at full cock.
A dovetailed blade front sight is installed on the muzzle, with a deeply cut notch in the breechblock.
Liege proof marks on the right barrel flat, and the serial number on the underside of the barrel.
Sharp engraving is present on the frame, trigger guard and butt cap, with scenes of dogs and game birds on the sides of the frame and a sliding safety on the upper tang.
With a checkered grip and a flared butt.
Fine to excellent with 75% of the bright original high polish blue finish, showing areas of brown patina, bright edge wear and scattered handling marks. A mixed gray patina is showing on the casehardened parts which were in fact finish in grey casehardening, with traces of brown protective grease in the low areas and good detail in the engraving.
The grip is fine, with some space between the frame and the leading edges, from a slight bend in upper tang, a few mild dings, and excellent checkering and grain.
Mechanically fine.
The best one of these I have ever seen. best of best 

only to be sold in Europe

Hersteller/ Produzent
Victor Collette
Gravity Feed
Zertifizierte Deaktivierung
Nicht deaktiviert
Exzellenter Zustand
30 cm
Lauf/ Klingenlänge
8 in
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