Tasbih of Misbaha Bernstein - bete Kette

Tasbih of Misbaha Bernstein - bete Kette
Größe: Ø 16 - Gesamtgewicht: 100 g

In almost all the great world religions of today, bead cords are used in prayers. The reason and manner in which believers handle these is not only different for each faith, but also differs within the beliefs in time and in space. The shapes of the beads, their simplicity or their exuberance also differ. The techniques for making them are equally diverse.

This Islamic tasbih or misbaha has a multitude of 33 beads, a closing piece, ‘the minaret’ or ‘Imam’ and a brush to finish the cord on which the beads are strung in a simple way.

The lot will be sent by registered and insured mail.

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