Klaas Jaan Mobach - Mobach keramiek - Vasen (3) - Töpferware, Selten

Klaas Jaan Mobach - Mobach keramiek - Vasen (3) - Töpferware, Selten
Niederlande - 1960-1970

The company was founded in Utrecht in 1895 and was called the ‘Utrechtsche Pottenfabriek’, founded by Klaas Jaan Mobach, a descendant of a Frisian potters family. Several generations continued the business. The process of making ceramic has hardly changed over the years. Earthenware i made in small series, are thrown as unica or are handmade with rolls of clay or plates, after which it is glazed. Especially the man-sized plants pots and vases are renowned ceramic products by Mobach. Piet Klaarhamer and Gerrit Rietveld designed a number of vases.

The factory building on the Kanaalweg along the Merwede canal dating from 1913, together with three associated workers' houses, have the status of national monument. [1] At that location, part of the collection is housed in a museum that is open once a year.

Since 1910, the Mobach family also ran a shop on Oudegracht 198 where they sold their ceramics. [2] The store was taken over by another owner in 1970 and moved to Choorstraat in 1975. Under the name Mobach, it was a specialty store in design articles that existed there until 2014.

Since 1895, five generations of Mobach have been working with a team of employees in a historic building on the Kanaalweg in Utrecht. Throughout the century, the way of working has not changed substantially. All ceramics are either rotated on the disc or built by hand from clay rolls or plates.

Mobach ceramic is modern designed handmade work and is produced in small batches (series) or as unica. The turning or hand shaping, the glazing and the baking process make sure every piece of ceramics is unique.
All ceramic is provided with the Mobach stamp and every piece is signed by the maker.

Mobach ceramics is trendsetting and sold worldwide because of its design. Because of the basic shapes, Mobach ceramics can be applied in any interior.
Mobach is best known for its man-sized plant trays and vases.

Mobach ceramics owes its chic look to the exclusive glazes that are composed according to its own recipe. Mobach ceramics can be applied both indoors and outdoors due to the high heating temperature.


Large vase H 22 cm Ø 6 cm
Small vase H 10.5 cm Ø 7 cm
Small vase H 10 cm Ø 5 cm

All three are in mint condition and have no defects.

The 3 items have the signature and are shipped registered and insured.

Selten, Töpferware
Designer/ Künstler
Klaas Jaan Mobach
Hersteller/ Marke
Mobach keramiek
Modell/ Name
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Hervorragender Zustand - kaum gebraucht, mit minimalen Altersspuren & Verschleißerscheinungen
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