Meisterwerk Anri Schachspiel Romane und Germanen - Bildhauer

Meisterwerk Anri Schachspiel Romane und Germanen - Bildhauer
Italien - 1957-1974

This beautiful chess set is one of the most beloved chess sets among collectors. It is a hand-painted chess set by Anri Toriart, with the pieces in the theme of Romans versus the Germans. This set is rare because it was one of the first sets made with the new Sculptite material consisting of casting resin and wood chips.

The Italian company Anri is of course also famous itself because of their wide range of carved collector’s items. Their chess games are very popular and this particular item is rare. The chess game was made between 1957 and 1974.

The chess pieces are in very perfect condition, see the many detailed photos. Every piece of chess is truly a piece of art in itself. The chess pieces are equipped with the original felts and can be stored in the matching box. This box does have clear signs of wear, which is also not surprising given the age. The chessboard is only depicted for illustrative purposes and is not part of the lot.

The height of the king is 11.2 cm.

The set will be carefully packaged. Will be sent by registered mail with supplementary insurance.

Meisterwerk Anri Schachspiel Romane und Germanen
Geschätzter Zeitraum
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