Katana - Stahl - Japans Samurai Zwaard Katana  Mino Kanenaga Muromachi periode - Japan - 15. Jahrhundert

Katana - Stahl - Japans Samurai Zwaard Katana  Mino Kanenaga Muromachi periode - Japan - 15. Jahrhundert
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 115×3×68.6 cm

Japanese samurai katana sword by Mino Kanenaga, Muromachi period.

This is an authentic Japanese samurai sword, a katana nihonto.
A special sword in a very fine, rare koshirae; the sword is provided with the signature of the famous Mino Kanenaga
and dates from the Muromachi period, from the year 1470.
The samurai sword is accompanied by a very special certification: very unique, a rare designation.
This was issued on 8 October in the year 1986 (first-prize champion's sword).
The blade has a gorgeous polish and a very fine hamon, typically brilliant in form and characteristic for this famous swordsmith. A very sharp sword from an Ō Wazamono swordsmith. A mighty samurai sword, the blade is perfect and in top condition. The koshirae is masterly crafted and an absolute rarity with very beautiful details, with wonderful silver mountings and a handle (tsuka) that is unique in its kind and that has a perfect grip, which is needed to attain the correct balance. And, last but not least, it is a true jewel of a sword.
The saya and tsuka are absolutely one of a kind, masterpieces in themselves. The combination of these two masterpieces makes this sword unique and rare, but above all, deadly.
This absolutely is a top-quality sword, a must-have for the real Bushido enthusiast.

A long journey always starts with a single step.

Blade length: nagasa, 68.6 cm.
Curvature: sori, 0.7 cm.
Blade weight: 573 grams.
Motohaba: 3.1 cm.
Signature: Kanenaga.

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15. Jahrhundert
Herkunftsregion/ Herkunftsland
Titel des Kunstwerks
Japans Samurai Zwaard Katana  Mino Kanenaga Muromachi periode
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
115×3×68.6 cm
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