Weinlese - Blaupunkt Bremen (Y) met DIN - 1967

Weinlese - Blaupunkt Bremen (Y) met DIN - 1967
Neu - 5×17.6×15 cm

Vintage analogue Blaupunkt Bremen from 1967 (LW/MW) fits perfectly in 'period' classics. More than 50 years old, a front with patina, grey push-buttons and well-working rotary knobs. See the pictures for exterior (thanks to AAM for the last 4 pictures).
The Bremen functions excellently.Good reception/playback of the L/LW and M/MW channels. The Blaupunkt can be set to 6 or 12V and the earth setting is switchable thus also suitable for English cars.
Instructions: the left button is the OFF button, then 2 buttons for tone control and the ON button for LW or MW.
With the DIN-connector on the back, you can listen to (FM) music via iPhone or MP3 (tested and excellent powerful playback) via a cable to be purchased.
For the enthusiast offered with ** NO RESERVE **.
The Blaupunkt Bremen will be well-packaged and shipped by insured and registered mail.

Art des Objekts
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
Blaupunkt Bremen (Y) met DIN
5×17.6×15 cm
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