R.M.S TITANIC - Authentische & Original Kohle aus der RMS TITANIC - Mit Echtheitszertifikat L. Ausgabe 11.961

R.M.S TITANIC - Authentische & Original Kohle aus der RMS TITANIC - Mit Echtheitszertifikat L. Ausgabe 11.961
USA - 2012

RMS TITANIC - Coin with Authentic & Original Coal from the RMS TITANIC (Limited Edition Coin) - With Certificate of Authenticity

The photo with the Coal Rock in a wood Box is where the Coal for the Coin is coming from.

- Each Limited Edition commemorative coin has its own registration number on both the coin and the certificate.
- Contains authentic coal recovered from the Titanic.
- A reprint of original coal Certificate of Authenticity
- Elegant Antique bronze finish.
- Encased in a clear acrylic protective capsule and a velvet display box.
- Coin size is 4 cm diameter - Weight is 36 g
- Will immediately achieve "collector" status.


The company doing this Limited Edition Coin was founded by the former Director of Merchandising for RMS TITANIC, Inc. and PREMIER EXHIBITIONS, where he directed all aspects related to the line of "coal products" sold in the gift shops at all Titanic Exhibitions worldwide.

Due to the cost and difficulty of recovering items from the Titanic, only a limited quantity of Titanic coal has been recovered, all of which has been inventoried by weight and quantity and certified by the United States Customs Service as having been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic.
The scarcity, authenticity, and historical significance make this a unique investment opportunity with a value that can almost certainly be predicted to escalate with the passage of time.

Titanic Coal sells at a premium as a result of a US Federal Court Judge ordering that the Coal which fuelled the Titanic, is the only recovered object rescued from the ship that is allowable to be sold to the public.

Shipped Registered and with Tracking Number.

Authentische & Original Kohle aus der RMS TITANIC
Mit Echtheitszertifikat L. Ausgabe 11.961
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