1916 Armillary Sphere (1) - Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), Stahl

1916 Armillary Sphere (1) - Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), Stahl
Portugal - Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts

1916 Armillary Sphere made in Portugal.
Made of iron and with a weight of more than 4 kilos.

The armillary sphere is an instrument of astronomy applied in navigation that consists of a reduced model of the cosmos. It is estimated that it was developed over time, through detailed observations of the apparent movement of the stars around the Earth.

The large outer ring shows the declination scale of the stars fixed to the celestial sphere; the small ball in the center, the Earth. The sphere is shown through a set of armillaries, a word that designates rings, bracelets or rings and from which the name «armillary» derives. These armils are articulated and indicate the main maximum circles: the poles, the tropics, the meridians and the equator. To these is added a diagonal band, inclined 23.5º between tropics showing the path of the Sun 365 days a year, but which often presents itself with other inclinations, for purely aesthetic reasons.

1916 Armillary Sphere
Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), Stahl
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts
Schlechter Zustand - stark gebraucht, mit großen Rissen, Schäden oder erheblichen Fehlstellen
47×44×44 cm
4010 g
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