David Law - Golden Boy

David Law - Golden Boy
OriginalFotografie - limitierte Auflage von 30 Exemplaren - Nummeriert, signiert und signiert auf der Rückseite - 30 Exemplare - 2018

Original situational photography - Limited edition of 30 copies - Aluminium support (print on white vinyl mounted on to 2 aluminium plates, fastening on the back, and flexible anti-UV and humidity resistant lamination on the front). Numbered and signed on the back - Certificate of authenticity.

Presentation by David Law.

Always having been attracted to shop window mannequins, who seemed to question him, he began photographing them in 1994. Almost 10,000 pictures later, he has been presenting his work since 2006 on his website and has been developing about one exhibition per month since 2007.

For these "Girls In Town" photos made without superimposition, "he tries to unravel the mystery and the soul of these beautiful lonely women, who, like a mirror of our own lives, reflect the image of what we are... The perfect aesthetic of these idyllic women symbolises the dream and luxury of a more than perfect fantasy world...".

Beyond that, his universe revolves around reflections, reflected reality, like another world mirroring reality. His materials are glass, water, plastic, chrome, mirrors and light. He develops series of photos around these themes. He photographs cities, animals, shadows, people, nature...

Recently challenged by the collectible Japanese dolls "Pullips" and the Japanese Angels "Sonny Angels" David Law found material to extend his view of these unique models, staged in the streets of Paris or elsewhere... So alive!

Artist and photographer, he also offers various services (models, actors, musicians, exhibitions, reporting...). Since 2014, he has been the photographer and videographer of the organisers of contemporary art fairs such as Art3F, Art Shopping, Le Smart, Expo4Art, Art Home Expo...

After graduating in 2008 in Multimedia Integration (Internet / DTP), he sought to develop his concepts in other capitals of the world. Today, he wants to become a free spirit and make a living from his art. A polemist in his own time, a denouncer of a consumer society that treats us badly, he works towards an awakening of the senses and awareness.

Concert exhibitions, exhibition concerts, he mixes genres with a passion.

David Law
Titel des Kunstwerks
Golden Boy
OriginalFotografie - limitierte Auflage von 30 Exemplaren
Nummeriert, signiert und signiert auf der Rückseite
30 Exemplare
30×30 cm
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