Militärarchitektur; Francesco De Marchi - (Ideal sea fort plan) - 1599

Militärarchitektur; Francesco De Marchi - (Ideal sea fort plan) - 1599
Original Kupferstich

A plate taken from "Della architettura militare… libri tre. Nelli quali si descrivono li veri modi, del fortificare, che si usa a’ tempi moderni. Con un breve, et utile trattato, nel quale si dimostrano li modi del fabricar l’artigliaria, et la prattica di adoperarla, da quelli che hanno carico di essa". Published in Brescia, Comino Presegni per Gaspare dall’Oglio, 1599.

This work has been sold by auction at the most important international auction houses at stratospheric prices. In fact, it is the most important Renaissance treaty of military architecture, which was already very rare during the 17th century. The few existing plates, such as the present one, are kept in renowned places (e.g. Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome). This plate can be recognised as part of the first edition also for one detail; an area at the upper left was spared from inking, as if they wanted to delete a word. This detail, highlighted also in other auctions of the 1599 edition, makes this plate highly valuable. Its excellent condition and the generous size (64.5 x 46 cm) complement its beauty.

Francesco De Marchi worked at the plates of his work throughout the 1500s. His work was source of inspiration for many later architects and was featured again in a fine work by Marini of 1810, very rare as well.

This table bears the engraving "C.F. De Marchi Author habet commentum".
De Marchi design features can be appreciated in the typical and marvellous representation of the ships, among the most sought after subjects in his representations.

Militärische Architekturbehörde
Land (Aktuelle geografische Lage)
Kartograf/ Verlag
Francesco De Marchi
Titel der Karte/ des Buchs
(Ideal sea fort plan)
Exzellenter Zustand
Zusätzliche Informationen
Original Kupferstich
Abmessungen des größten Bildes
460×645 mm
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