Den Uil - Figur(en), Spinster / Spitzengebläse - Töpferware

Den Uil - Figur(en), Spinster / Spitzengebläse - Töpferware
Belgien - 1890-1919

Wonderful nostalgic sculpture of a folk figurine, a spinster or lace worker, in typical multicoloured glazed Flemish pottery, purely artisanal and handmade using the old process of manufacturing.
These figures represent the rich tradition of ‘Poterie Flamande’ and Torhouts pottery and was likely made in atelier Brugge De Uil (1909-1939) – Fabrique de Poterie Artistique & Flamandes.
Jozef Marie Isidoor Van Iseghem (1886-1948), bought a piece of land along the canal Brugge-Oostende at the Steenkaai of laundry cleaner ‘Le Soleil’ in 1907 to build a pottery. Van Iseghem likely studied with potter Guillaume Bourgoignie in Bredene. A wonderful sales catalogue is known of the company with 38 illustrations, published ca. 1926. This grants us a look at the production of ‘De Uil’ using approx. five hundred numbered, drawn and photographed models, provided with their prices and sizes. The crisis lead to its closing in 1939, just before WW II.
Lovely figurine depicting a lace maker sitting on a type of open chair: the side of the chair has two stiles, shaped in a mould and hand painted with colours with the use of oxides and finished with lead glaze.
In each culture, working with clay is an ages old heritage. Also Flemish pottery can bow on a long tradition going back to the Middle Ages.
A lovely example of typical Flemish pottery. They don’t just have a decorative meaning, it is a valuable collector’s item.

Condition: signs of use (see photos).

18.5 x 15 x 9.5 cm.
It weighs 766 grams.
The photos are part of the description.

Figur(en), Spinster / Spitzengebläse
Hersteller/ Marke
Den Uil
Art Nouveau
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Guter Zustand - gebraucht, mit geringfügigen Altersspuren & Mängeln
185×150×95 mm
766 g
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