B&O - Beolab 3 mk 2 - Lautsprecher Set

B&O - Beolab 3 mk 2 - Lautsprecher Set
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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 3 colour blue mk 2
Small in size, big in sound.

Ideal for smaller spaces, or if you don't like having large speakers but still want incredible sound.
I use them myself for my private home setup, I enjoy it every day.

Includes 2 floor contributions 2 blue wall mounts (see photo) and 2 power cables.

Produced from: 2004 - 2014
Designed by: David Lewis
BeoLab 3 was a very small and compact active speaker that provided a sound that belied its size. Producing 250 watts of sound of excellent quality. The exclusive acoustic lens technology, also found in the high-end BeoLab 5, allows for freedom of placement without loss of acoustic quality. The equal dispersion of the high-frequency sound in a 180-degree arc means that the sound experience was excellent in any listening position. The new technologies at BeoLab 3 produced impressive results with most modern Bang & Olufsen music systems capable of accommodating the speakers.
Inside each unit, a 101 mm woofer, 19 mm tweeter and two 101 mm passive bass radiators were installed. To produce its remarkable sound, the BeoLab 3 used two Class "D" amplifiers with a power of 125 watts each.
The two ICEpower amplifiers in each BeoLab 3 produced very little excess heat, so the cooling space often necessary with traditional powered speaker construction was not necessary. A conventional speaker would have to be around ten times the size of the BeoLab 3 to deliver comparable sound.
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Beolab 3 mk 2
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Lautsprecher Set
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