Imposanter LACIDUS Leuchtturm - Paris - 1910

Imposanter LACIDUS Leuchtturm - Paris - 1910
Perfekter Zustand - 28×28×23 cm

Imposing headlights - Acetylene car mirror from the 1900s, made entirely of copper, including fasteners and handles.

Without visible brand.

Lens diameter 23 cm, length 21 cm (without support).
Total width: 30 cm, heavy: 5 kg.

Opens and closes perfectly.

The glass bottom bowl is split (see photo).

No dents or deformations.

Mercury mirror glass is to be cleaned or replaced.

Very nice headlight, ideal to transform into a lamp for a vintage industrial decoration.

Very good condition, some cleaning to be finished.

Art des Objekts
Imposanter LACIDUS Leuchtturm - Paris
Qualität (Automobilia)
Perfekter Zustand
28×28×23 cm
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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