Telefunken - Opus 9 Fully checked - Röhrenradio

Telefunken - Opus 9 Fully checked - Röhrenradio
Exzellenter Zustand - Inklusive: Röhrenradio - Überarbeitet

The Opus models are the top of the line of Telefunken has produced , with 6 speakers !
This radio is built in 1964.
The wooden cabinet is in good condition , the finish still shines great, it has the usual scratches , look in the pictures.
The dial , knobs , clothgrill , back , inside , are also in perfect condition .
And what a sound this radio has , so powerfull and clear , I wish you could hear it right now and garantee that this one is already sold to you
This radio has something very special ,” UKW scharfabstimmung “. The right tuningknob has three white sigments , when these are pressed in ,functions as the AFC ( automatic frequenty control ) will be turned on . The tuningeye is new.
The inside looks wunderfull.
This radio is fully been checked electrically and all bad parts are replaced . Capaciters are replaced , tubes are replaced by good ones . All the things needed for good music.
Bands: LW , MW SW and FM up to 100 Mhz
Tubes : EM84(new) ,ECC85,ECH81,EF89,EF89,EABC80,EL84(2x),EC92
Speakers: 6 speakers.
This radio will be packed very carefully and double with carton and lots of foampeanuts , so that this beautifull radio will arrive good .

Opus 9 Fully checked
Exzellenter Zustand
Year of Manufacturing
16 kg
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