Enrico Benaglia - Segni zodiacali

Enrico Benaglia - Segni zodiacali
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie - Signiert

Enrico Benaglia. Painter, drawer, engraver, set designer, sculptor, Enrico Benaglia started his activity at the French Academy of Villa Medici in Rome at a very young age, but it would mainly be the habitual visiting of painters such as Fazzini, Omiccioli, Montanarini, and the critics Virgilio Guzzi and Giovanni Stradone, to guide his artistic choices, that were clear in his first important solo exhibition at Galleria La Vetrata, Rome, in 1969.

Isolated compared to the conceptual trends of that time, he invented a fairy-tale world, delicate and light, made of childish drawings like figurines cut out of notebook paper. In the seventies he received some awards, such as the Villa S. Giovanni Prize (1972), and in 1973 he exhibited in Osaka, while his interest in lithography and engraving led him to make many editions of art volumes accompanied by texts of poets and storytellers; from 1978 he started with theatre collaborations, making sets and costumes. In 1984 he was in Yugoslavia and Sweden.

The fantastic and surreal stylistic traits go through Benaglia’s entire production, proposing his dancing little men, cupboards, forests, open doors, animals, woods, angels and feathers, on supports treated with a sort of frottage. All highly symbolic subjects belonging to the inner world (“Il Giardino dell’Eden”), time (“L’orologio in gabbia”), up to the embattled and many-towered castles of the last pastels and oils of the nineties.
“Benaglia’s inventions seem to lead back to childhood, that mysterious season of our life that is like a closed room sunk in memory, a memory with which dreams merge and identify”. Benaglia lives and works in Rome.

Nine lithographs. All artist’s proof editions.
Sold with frame: no.

Enrico Benaglia
Titel des Kunstwerks
Segni zodiacali
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie
Wie neu
34×31 cm
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