Josep Armet Portanell (Barcelona, 1846 - 1911) - Paisaje con figura

Josep Armet Portanell (Barcelona, 1846 - 1911) - Paisaje con figura
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - c.1890

The painting is signed by the author at the bottom (J. Armet)


In good condition, although some restorations and a cleaning have been done, leaving the work in good condition

Dimensions: 60 cm height x 100 cm width


Biography of Josep Armet Portanell

José Armet Portanell, (Barcelona, 1843-1911). Spanish painter and lithographer. He cultivated the themes of landscape, gender, portraiture and decorative painting. He studied at the school of fine arts of La Lonja, in Barcelona, where he was Ramón Martí Alsina’s disciple. In the early 1860s he moved to Rome to further his studies, and there he befriended Mariano Fortuny. Among his lithographic production stands out the 1866 series entitled "La juventud pintada por sí misma". He sent his works to national and local exhibitions, obtaining a honourable mention in the Nacional of 1864 and the third medal in the 1866 edition, for the canvas “Países”; he also exhibited regularly in the Sala Parés of Barcelona. In 1878 he sent the work entitled “Un paisaje de Cataluña” to the Paris Universal Exhibition. As a decorator, we can highlight the ornamentation of the ceilings that he carried out for the Café del Liceo in Barcelona. His works can be included within the Catalan realistic landscaping, with Roman influences due to his precious technique. In 1870 he participated, together with Modest Urgell, Antonio Caba and José Luis Pellicer, in the consolidation of the Centro Artístico de Olot, founded by the landscape architect Joaquín Vayreda in 1870.

Josep Armet Portanell (Barcelona, 1846 - 1911)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Paisaje con figura
Öl auf Leinwand
In gutem Gesamtzustand mit Altersspuren
Verkauf mit Rahmen
60×100 cm
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