NWA 7397, shergottite (Mars) Planetarischer Achondrit - 0.7×0.4×0.1 cm - 0.062 g

NWA 7397, shergottite (Mars) Planetarischer Achondrit - 0.7×0.4×0.1 cm - 0.062 g
Chwichia, Westsahara, Marokko

Here is a nice part slice of the martian meteorite NWA 7397 found near Smara in Morocco.

It was found near Smara, Morocco and purchased by Darryl Pitt and David Gheesling from a dealer in Zagora, Morocco in 2012 June.
Petrography: (A. Irving and S. Kuehner, UWS) Large oikocrysts (up to 1.5 cm across) of low-Ca pyroxene enclose multiple chadacrysts of olivine and Cr-rich chromite. Relatively equigranular domains between oikocrysts are composed of low-Ca and high-Ca pyroxene (showing very limited compositional zoning), maskleynite and olivine with accessory merrillite, Ti-chromite, pyrrhotite and ilmenite (with associated grains of baddeleyite up to 10 μm across). Olivine contains sparse melt inclusions composed of K-Na-Al-Si-rich glass surrounded by characteristic post-shock radial expansion microfractures.

Geochemistry: Olivine (Fa38.9-40.7; FeO/MnO = 47-54), orthopyroxene (Fs30.3Wo3.3; FeO/MnO = 36), pigeonite (Fs25.1-27.6Wo6.6-10.0; FeO/MnO = 28-33), subcalcic augite (Fs17.0-19.0Wo35.1-35.4; FeO/MnO = 22-25). Bulk trace element composition (G. Chen, UAb): analysis by ICP-MS of clean wire-saw cutting dust gave (in ppm) La 1.66, Ce 4.48, Nd 2.93, Sm 1.13, Eu 0.3, Gd 1.59, Dy 1.95, Yb 1.02, Lu 0.14, Hf 1.66, Th 1.15, Rb 2.89, Sr 33.6.

The meteorite is sold in a nice collection box and a separate label / signed certificate of authenticity.

Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
NWA 7397, shergottite (Mars)
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
Planetarischer Achondrit
0.7×0.4×0.1 cm
0.062 g
Herkunft (Region/ Stadt)
Chwichia, Westsahara
Herkunft (Land)
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