SERICHO METEORITO (Kenia, 2016). PALLASITA Slice - 41.4 g

SERICHO METEORITO (Kenia, 2016). PALLASITA Slice - 41.4 g
Habaswein, Kenia

Fantastic specimen to add to your collection. High quality slice! Do not miss this opportunity!

This pallasite initially was called Habaswein, a neighbouring city of the first found fragments. Finally, the meteorite was officially called Sericho, the area of Kenya where the impact took place. Pallasite are very scarce meteorites in which olivines are mixed in a metal matrix. They come from the mantle of great asteroids and they represent jus 1.7% of the known.

Two brothers were looking for their camels near the village of Habaswein in Kenya when they found several large stones with no relation to the surroundings. Upon checking their heavy weight and their iron content, the brothers concluded that these should be meteorites.

They spent some weeks collecting everything and took them home to Habaswein. After an investigation it turned out to be a meteorite!

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Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
41.4 g
Herkunft (Region/ Stadt)
Herkunft (Land)
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