B&O - BeoSound Ouverture + BeoLab 6000 - Hi-Fi Anlage, Lautsprecher Set

B&O - BeoSound Ouverture + BeoLab 6000 - Hi-Fi Anlage, Lautsprecher Set
Exzellenter Zustand - Anzahl der Objekte: 3 - Inklusive: Hi-Fi Anlage, Lautsprecher Set - Netzkabel, Originales Benutzerhandbuch, Lautsprecherkabel

Fully functional.
It consists of a Beosound MCMXCI Overture and 2 x Beolab 6000 MCMXCII
- Type 2631 SW 2.1. Non-integrated preamp, tuner, CD player and tape recorder.
Including the manual.
Speakers height: 110 cm
- Offering reliability, low distortion and high fidelity, Bang & Olufsen 6000 meets your needs. Gamers, media enthusiasts and news trackers also appreciate the fidelity and performance of this Bang & Olufsen speaker set. With the exceptional driver system on this Bang & Olufsen speaker set, you can enjoy high-quality sound from your system. Featuring a pragmatic design, this set of main/stereo speakers is easy to locate and set up, meaning you can tune into a fantastic high-fidelity experience without waiting. In addition, Bang & Olufsen 6000 allows you to hear deep bass and clear treble tones with its extended frequency response.

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BeoSound Ouverture + BeoLab 6000
Art der Ausrüstung
Hi-Fi Anlage, Lautsprecher Set
Exzellenter Zustand
Lautsprecherkabel, Netzkabel, Originales Benutzerhandbuch
40 kg
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