B&O - Beolab 8000 Oak wood beolab 18 design - Lautsprecher Set

B&O - Beolab 8000 Oak wood beolab 18 design - Lautsprecher Set
Exzellenter Zustand - Anzahl der Objekte: 2 - Inklusive: Lautsprecher Set - Netzkabel, Pedal, Überarbeitet, neue Eichenholzfront

Beolab 8000 refurbished design speaker set
With new foam inside and special oak front.

young set
Set is in a rare new condition even the top plates are renewed and damage-free it is like buying a new set worth 6100 euros.

This is a very exclusive design
Comes from the first owner model A and model B
1 Set of 2 speakers.

Including 6 month warranty

As with all modern B&O speakers, the 8000s are active, meaning that each element has its own amplifier. In fact, each speaker holds two amplifier units.

Now with these colours you have your own design set that is different from other 8000 sets.

Perfect to mint condition. + 6 MONTH WARRANTY

Including bluetooth recharble streaming stream Spotify Deezer Youtube Tunein Radio ETC
and all cables too connect too separate the speakers till 6 Meters from left too right speaker (extra kabels on order after purchase)

the shipping (in special wood box) costs are phased on estimate, keep in mind that islands and distant destinations can have an additional charge if you have paid too much shipping costs We will refund you the difference!

vacation till 14-8

Beolab 8000 Oak wood beolab 18 design
Art der Ausrüstung
Lautsprecher Set
Exzellenter Zustand
Netzkabel, neue Eichenholzfront, Pedal, Überarbeitet
50 kg
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