Josep maria Llopis i de Casades (Sitges, 1885 - 1915) - Vista de un jardín

Josep maria Llopis i de Casades (Sitges, 1885 - 1915) - Vista de un jardín
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert - c.1905

Signed by the artist at the bottom

The painting is currently in good condition


Dimensions of the painting: 30 cm high x 40 cm wide

Dimensions of the painting framed: 32 cm high x 42 cm wide

Josep Maria Llopis y de Casadas was born in Sitges on June 30, 1886, he was the son of Manuel Llopis y Bofill lawyer and Josepa de Casadas y Doria, and brother of diplomat Manuel Llopis y de Casadas.

Trained at the Llotja school, where he was a disciple of Felix Maestros and Borrell, he participated in the international art exhibitions of Barcelona from 1907 and 1911, in the last of which he was awarded a medal for the Altar painting of the church of San Severo. He also exhibited twice at Faianç Catalán (1911 and 1913) and won one of the first prizes at the Madrid Fine Arts Exhibition of 1912. In addition, three of his paintings were reproduced in the Museum magazine (interestingly, in the same issue that Joan Maragall's well-known article about Joaquim Sunyer was published).

Despite his short artistic career, from the thematic point of view, he underwent a remarkable progression, since he began depicting military affairs and immediately evolved into the gardens and interiors of temples, which he knew how to capture with vivid colours and profusion of details. Among all those who made the most noteworthy are the Chapter Hall of the Seo de Barcelona and the organ of the parish church of Sitges.

Sick with typhus, he died in Barcelona on January 28, 1915, at twenty-eight years of age, when everyone predicted a promising future as a painter. In April 1916, a posthumous exhibition was organized in the Laietanes Galleries of Barcelona. Of the forty-eight works that could be seen, seventeen were related to Sitges (the money that was obtained was destined to the construction of the temple of the Sagrada Familia)

Josep maria Llopis i de Casades (Sitges, 1885 - 1915)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Vista de un jardín
Öl auf Tafel
In gutem Gesamtzustand
32×42×3 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen
30×40 cm
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