Adrien Manglard (1695-1760) - Adoration of the Shepherds

Adrien Manglard (1695-1760) - Adoration of the Shepherds
Radierung - unterzeichnet - ca. 1753

Adoration of the Shepherds.
Large print with an interesting use of light and shade

Inscription: "Jacobus Billy formis Romae"

The print is described in the Robert-Dumesnil's supplementary-volume, stating that an impression had been auctioned in 1862. It would appear to be rare, as on page 856 of Michel's monograph on Manglard it states that, since that auction the print " reste untrouvable".

On laid paper with watermark (Fluer-de-lys & lettering)

Condition: Cut to border-line. At bottom edge, an area that was outside the design but within the plate is mostly missing. At top edge some small tears. Paper is brown with stains. Paper stuck on reverse at top & bottom edges. Generally a good dark impression, but areas, e.g at at top-right and on right-edge that maybe weakly-printed or rubbed. Age-related paper colouring (see photos).

Robert-Dumesnil (1871) Supplementary Volume XI p. 189 "Adoration des Bergers"
"Adrien Manglard, peintre et collectionneur (1695-1760)" by Olivier Michel in
Mélanges de l'école française de Rome (1981) Année 1981 93-2 pp. 823-926" .

Adrien Manglard (1695 - 1760) French etcher, painter/draughtsman. Born in Lyons, working from 1715 in Rome, where he died. Etchings from 1753-4 and published in a series; plates now in the Calcografia in Rome.

Jacobus (Giacomo) Billy (active ca1753). Italian publisher/printer. A member of the Billy dynasty of Roman print publishers. Published Manglard's plates in or after 1753.

Adrien Manglard (1695-1760)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Adoration of the Shepherds
ca. 1753
Siehe Beschreibung
Verkauf mit Rahmen
31×35.2 cm
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