1988 Clos du Marquis, 2nd Wine of Château Léoville Las Cases - Saint-Julien - 6 Flaschen (0,75 l)

1988 Clos du Marquis, 2nd Wine of Château Léoville Las Cases - Saint-Julien - 6 Flaschen (0,75 l)
Rotwein - Frankreich

1988 Clos du Marquis ( 2nd Wine of Château Léoville Las Cases GCC )

Vintage 1988 Score: 17/20 Great! Vintage

About the domain
Created in 1638, Château Léoville Las Cases produces some of Bordeaux's most prestigious wines. They were already well-known, much appreciated and commanding high prices in the middle of the 18th century, due to work of the owner, Blaise-Alexandre de Gasq, the Seigneur of Léoville. Four of his descendants owned the property at the time of the French Revolution. One of them, the Marquis de Las Cases, who owned one quarter of the land, fled abroad. The other three managed to obtain a partial confiscation of the property, consisting specifically of this quarter, from the Revolutionary Government. This plot would later become Léoville Barton. At the beginning of the 19th century the property was split once again and the half adjoining Château Latour formed the current vineyard.

About the cuvée
The Clos du Marquis is more than just the second wine of Château Léoville Las Cases. Usually made from the vines in the Petit Clos and the plots outside the Grand Enclos (the area of vines that produce Léoville's grand vin), it is a match for many of the Médoc's finest wines. The grapes are grown and vinified with the same care as the grand vin, and the resulting wine has a wonderful distinguished elegance. The tannic structure needs a few years to age before the flavours reach their full expression.

Vintage description 1988 Bordeaux
This vintage is often overshadowed by the next one. Médoc had a magnificent summer. Some of the estates, concerned about rot and late rain, harvested the Cabernet Sauvignon too early. The domains that avoided this mistake, had some very good wines, particularly in the Margaux appellation. Colourful, strong and excessively tannic, the great wines of northern Médoc distinguish themselves with their incredible cellaring capacity. Harvested at optimal maturity, the Pomerols and Saint Emilions are lovely and rich. Graves is probably the appellation with the best wines. The dry white wines are rich and perfectly-balanced. This is a great vintage for sweet wines, one of the best in the century. The Sauternes, marvellously rich and concentrated, have an incomparable aromatic strength.

Gemischtes Los
Produzent, Name des Weines
Clos du Marquis, 2nd Wine of Château Léoville Las Cases
Anzahl der Flaschen
Flaschen (0,75 l)
Bordeaux Flaschentyp; Füllstand: Base Neck
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Vollständig unbeschädigt, lesbares Etikett
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