Italien 1960 Handstickerei Doppelblattset - Baumwolle - 1960

Italien 1960 Handstickerei Doppelblattset - Baumwolle - 1960

Vintage, Italy, 1960. Vintage double bed sheet set, new, superfine Holland Batista cotton
With handmade embroidery in peahole stitch and a floral embroidery in long and short stitch, cordonnet appliqué on pillowcases and bed sheet, from the 1960s.
Extremely fine hand-embroidered cloth.

The bed sheet may show some oxidation spots and dust, so it should be washed.
Item of exceptional workmanship. Wonderful!

Top sheet measurements: 235 x 265
Pair of pillowcases with three frills: 55 x 87

COTTON - A textile fibre obtained from hairs that cover the seeds of the plant bearing the same name. There are kinds of cotton with different qualities depending on their origin. The most valuable kind is the Sea Island cotton, with its long silky fibre, which is used for the most refined workmanship. Cotton is classified according to its title, while the length of the fibre defines its quality: the longer it is, the more shiny, resistant and valuable the cotton is.

Italien 1960 Handstickerei Doppelblattset
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Guter Zustand - gebraucht, mit geringfügigen Altersspuren & Mängeln
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