Italien - Uniform

Italien - Uniform
Original - Guter Zustand

Italian Provincial Registrar dress uniform from the Fascist period, double-breasted gabardine with two buttons decorated with an in-relief fasces. Features movable epaulettes made of high quality black cloth and hemmed with golden trims with fasces in the middle, carefully hemmed with golden threads. Includes badge of the Provincial Registrar. Black gabardine straight pants with heel strap and two lateral black stripes with golden central thread. Bakelite buckles and buttons marked by the tailor's shop“ FOR GENTLEMENN “, one of the most costly and prestigious ones of that period. Belt with gilded buckle, marked black shirt, chamois white shoes with leather sole. Black felt fez with a gilded faces in the middle, satin fabric on the inside and marked "LITTORIA". The fez is from the same period and was used for gala evenings or for military parades.
Excellent condition, very little sign of wear since it has only been used for special occasions. Inside the pocked there is a label with name and last name of the Rome Provincial Registrar and on the left sleeve is the magnificent badge of the Rionale Group. Macao was a Rione in Rome near the polyclinic hospital and was named by the Jesuits. The uniform comes with the "Eagle's beak" dagger with leather scabbard and brass eagle.

Guter Zustand
Mit Echtheitszertifikat
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