Mario Trimarchi - Alessi - Kernstück - La Stanza dello Scirocco

Mario Trimarchi - Alessi - Kernstück - La Stanza dello Scirocco
Italien - 2000 - bis heute - Stahl (rostfrei)

Beautiful centrepiece in mirror polished stainless steel, designed by Mario Trimarchi and produced by Italian company Alessi.

In perfect condition. NEW. Never used. With its original box.

Measurements: 37.50 cm x 41.60 cm x height 15 cm

Excellent as a gift as it is new and in perfect condition.

The centrepiece 'La Stanza dello Scirocco' brings a magical atmosphere of the Sicilian countryside into the home.

The collection 'La Stanza dello Scirocco', designed by Mario Trimarchi, is named after the room of the same name in old Sicilian farmhouses, where you can seek shelter from the hot wind. A feeling of suspension, just like the irregular shape of the large centrepiece 'La Stanza dello Scirocco. A configuration that brings to mind paper scattered by the wind.

Mario Trimarchi is an architect of the 'mano libera' (freehand) generation. He has always moved freely within the visual universe, considering drawing, photography, design and image as if they are parts of the same field of investigation He was the director of advanced design at the Domus Academy in the early 1990s and was part of the Olivetti Design Studio.

Stahl (rostfrei)
Designer/ Künstler
Mario Trimarchi
Hersteller / Marke
Modell/ Name
La Stanza dello Scirocco
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Wie neu - unbenutzt
15×37.5×41.6 cm
1034 g
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