Römisches Reich Glas Halskette mit bunten Glas-, Muschel- und Steinperlen - 46.5 cm - (1)

Römisches Reich Glas Halskette mit bunten Glas-, Muschel- und Steinperlen - 46.5 cm - (1)
1st - 3rd century AD

Necklace with Roman glass (red, amber colour and yellow), shell and stone beads. The authentic Roman beads are restrung with professional materials and decorative spacer beads.

Maximum length: 46,5 cm
Maximum diameter beads: 11 mm

The necklace will be delivered in a protective jewellery box.

Condition: good condition, restrung and wearable (new clasp). See images for own impression.
Certificate of Authenticity available upon request (pdf-format).

Ancient/Roman beads:
All authentic ancient beads are slightly different in shape or colour shade and show different signs of wear or traces of the passing of time (iridescence). This adds to the charm of each piece and makes every composition unique.

Restrung with professional stringing material and fasteners to make it wearable or to facilitate putting it on display. All metal spacer beads, hooks, fasteners, etc. are nickel-free Designer Quality metal.

Purchased by the current owner in London, United Kingdom.
The seller guarantees this piece is acquired in a legal manner. Related documents seen by Catawiki.

All shipments outside the EU must be accompanied by an export licence, this will be arranged by the seller. The buyers must take account of a 3-6 weeks waiting period for the licence plus additional processing time by their country’s Customs department.

Römisches Reich
Anzahl der Objekte
Halskette mit bunten Glas-, Muschel- und Steinperlen
46.5 cm
Jahrhundert/ Zeitraum
1st - 3rd century AD
Guter Zustand, siehe Foto
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