Georges Yao (Kokumbo, Costa d'Ivori,1963) - Le marche

Georges Yao (Kokumbo, Costa d'Ivori,1963) - Le marche
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - 1997

Signed at the bottom (Yao Georges) and dated in 1997
It is also signed, dated and entitled on the back
In good condition
Dimensions of the painting: 105 cm height x 100 cm width
Dimensions of the frame: 108 cm height x 103 cm width

This name does not leave art lovers indifferent. 1991 and 1995: the excellent talent discovery contest organized by the SIFCOM Foundation by Julie Tadei Guillou; trampoline painting. On both dates, Yao Georges was one of the three winners of this contest. He was ranked second twice.

Honours are reflected on this artist, but the type of painting he practices is even more. He paints landscapes, everyday life.

However, it is in relation to the web that he affirms his own identity.
In his works, one is surprised by the delicate interruption of the image. The subject-matters, which flourish and occupy the essence of the pictorial space, are not represented with their values. They seem to blend with the movement of the support lines, due to the labyrinthine vein’s skeins of the granules.
The effects of the surfaces are an integral part of the plastic game, they are the engine of the creation that he puts in front of the amateur.

In order to establish the visibility of the subjects, the artist uses the black tone. With a quick gesture he fixed their outline, giving them a breath of life. However, the appearance must be exerted: the subjects are often more allusive than asserted. The warm colours, with the head, yellow alternates with cold colours.

The folded bruises are shown in overt violence, in conflict with the contours of the characters depicted. With the granules, (Yao Georges keeps secret his execution technique!) They say a dialog separator about the notion of interference.

Curriculum vitae
1991 Collective exhibition at the Hôtel Ivoire d'Abidjan

1995 Collective exhibition at the Abidjan French Cultural Centre.

1997 Collective exhibition (Feria Ingenua) at the Abidjan French Cultural Centre

1998 Collective exhibition at the Hôtel Ivoire d’Abidjan

Collective exhibition at the Sofitel Hotel in Abidjan

Personal exhibition at the Espace Carde gallery in Abidjan

1999 Exhibition Auction of “Namans”

2001 Collective exhibition in the Abidjan’s Museum of Civilizations

Collective exhibition in the Cocody Museum of Contemporary Art.

2003 Exhibition in the Abidjan Water Festival

2011 Exhibition at the Music Festival of the French Cultural Centre in Abidjan.

Georges Yao (Kokumbo, Costa d'Ivori,1963)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Le marche
Öl auf Leinwand
In gutem Gesamtzustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
105×100 cm
108×103×2 cm
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