Numan Eser (1955) - Stilleven met kan en groene appels op schaal

Numan Eser (1955) - Stilleven met kan en groene appels op schaal
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert - 2018

Still life with can and green apples on a scale of Numas Eser (1955) in luxury black frame.

Material: oil on panel.
Size canvas: 40 x 50 cm.
Dimensions with the frame: 45 x 55 cm.

Will be carefully packaged before shipping.

Numan Eser was born in 1955 in Ulamis in Turkey. The passion for painting came to Numan Eser pretty early. At 18 years old he started his art career. After he became familiar with the work of modern Dutch realists like Henk Helmantel and Eric de Vree, he started to paint more realistically. He also started an intense study on the practice and history of the old masters. The work of Numan Eser is realistic in nature. The observation is central and the colour takes a prominent position within the composition. The materials that are used are mostly oil paint and masonite. In the compositions several times he chooses worn items, because it is a challenge and fun to capture your chosen subject (fruit, glass, paper, rusty metal) in paint.

Numan Eser (1955)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Stilleven met kan en groene appels op schaal
Öl auf Tafel
In gutem Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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