Saul Raskin - "Das neue Gesicht Israels" - 1960. Erstausgabe.

Saul Raskin - "Das neue Gesicht Israels" - 1960. Erstausgabe.
New York USA - 1960

A nice First Edition copy of this fascinating and rare very large illustrated book. With lovely detailed pictures of Israeli scenes by Raskin on almost every page. Published more than 50 years ago, this book is now out-of-print and very scarce.

From the Preface: "The book before you came into existence unpremeditatedly. Its name is "The New Face of Israel" and this explains why my twelfth and not my eleventh book is going to be my concluding work. It happened after my recent visit to Israel after an intermission of thirteen years. I found Israel had become a glue green and gold colored land, healthy and joyous. I found it it a new landscape, a new face, looking at e with bright eyes. It ignited my old passion for drawing and set it afire in even greater flames than in my younger days. I brought back a great number of complicated drawings. I think they are the best I never did -- especially those I made in the Negev. The Negev is overwhelming, splendid and cruel. But from under the hand an hammer of our pioneers the desert shows a friendly smile, a promise of joy and happiness for Israel. The Negev is receiving a new face. How could I resist making a book out of my best drawings and most delightful and interesting experiences in Israel? Naturally in my present book the Negev occupies the first place with a large essay and a great number of drawings of places from Beersheba to Eilat. After that comes the majestic Jerusalem; the joyous, tireless Tel Aviv; the beautifully mystical Safed; Haifa, Tiberias, Kvutzoth, colonies, faces, hands and figures. And, at the end of the book, drawings of children, the future of Israel. All this is accompanied by several good sized articles, captions and comments. The text is written with my writing pen. The drawings, with quite a new instrument--the black, red and blue ball pen. Mostly with the black one. This ball pen looks like an ordinary pencil, only it leaves behind its run a deep black line, soft and velvety like the line of an etching. It leads to a new way of drawing, to a more elastic expression. It permitted me a rapid, youthful run, much younger than I am myself. SR."

Saul Raskin (1878 – 1966) was a Russian born American artist, writer, lecturer and teacher best known for his depiction of Jewish subjects

hardcover with DJ (DJ in poor condition)
128 pages (page 3-4 damaged)
32 x 40 cm.
weight about 1.5 kg

"Das neue Gesicht Israels"
1960. Erstausgabe.
Designer/ Künstler
Saul Raskin
Geschätzter Zeitraum
New York USA
Mäßiger Zustand - stark gebraucht & mit möglicherweise fehlenden kleineren Teilen
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