Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri) - La Perla pop

Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri) - La Perla pop
Acryl auf Leinwand, Mixed Media - Handsigniert - 2019

Artist listed in Artsy
It is acrylic paint and spray on an original work of the artist printed on 400g cotton canvas. This is a unique piece. It is finished by hand and no two are the same. Finally varnished for its correct conservation. It is not a numbered multiple edition. It is a unique painted work, you will never find another exactly the same. Signed by hand on both sides. It is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.The canvas will be sent protected inside a postal tube. Sending insured

CROSS MAGRI (ivanrubioart):
Cross Magri (Ivan Rubio) is an artist born in Barcelona, with a clear upward projection.As a child he liked to paint and as a teenager he made graffiti until he discovered his great passion: paint large canvases.The art of Cross Magri is born mainly from a bright colour palette that lives in your mind. Influenced by a multitude of beautiful things that he finds around him every day, the artist likes to translate them on canvas so that they last.Cross is a self-taught artist and is influenced by varied styles: he takes small ideas of realism, surrealism, expressionism...from here and there, to finally create his paintings in which elements and ideas predominate Popart and Street-Art but also Baroque, Classical and Neoclassical, including also portraits of great icons especially of cinema or music. In each of his paintings there is a small tribute to many artists he admires - artists large and small - who have contributed something to the creativity of Cross.Currently some of his works are in galleries in USA and Europe.

Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri)
Titel des Kunstwerks
La Perla pop
Acryl auf Leinwand, Mixed Media
80×80 cm
94×0×94 cm
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