14 kt Gold - Bourbon Ring - 3.50 ct Smaragd - Diamanten

14 kt Gold - Bourbon Ring - 3.50 ct Smaragd - Diamanten
Größe: misura dito IT 13-14 - Gesamtgewicht: 7 g

Antique ring in 14K gold with natural emerald and rose-cut diamonds

From Sicily, late 1800s-early 1900s

Large ring in 14K gold with Bourbon-style silver coating, with one central emerald weighing 3.50 ct, embellished by very bright rose-cut diamonds weighing approx. 3.00 ct
The ring is all gold; there is only a thin layer of silver covering it, done in a technique used in that period to better set the diamonds and make them
Elegant design typical of 1800s Bourbon Sicily, very much in vogue at that time and highly sought after for those who love antique style
It is a pride to wear these pieces of jewellery as they are highly sought after by connoisseurs. It is in perfect condition with no missing elements, and has recently been cleaned and polished by a goldsmith.
Size: 13-14
Inner diameter: 19 cm
Top size: 2.2 x 1.9 cm
Weight: 7 g

Although Bourbon jewellery does not have a high value as far as the materials are concerned, they feature very high-quality craftsmanship. In general, the gold content is never very high, but it is not always easy to define the carat weight of items of jewellery from the Bourbon period, as each goldsmith had his own personal 'recipe' for the gold. However, these are still rare and precious items of jewellery, which deserve to be worn with pride.

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Bourbon Ring
Feingehalt des Materials
14 kt
misura dito IT 13-14
7 g
Exzellenter Zustand - kaum getragen mit minimalen Gebrauchsspuren
Gewicht Hauptstein (in Karat)
Umliegende Steine
Gesamtgewicht der umgebenden Steine
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