Los mit 13 Stücken Auktionskataloge Kategorie "Jugendstil-Art Deco" (13 stuks veilingcatalogi)

Los mit 13 Stücken Auktionskataloge Kategorie "Jugendstil-Art Deco" (13 stuks veilingcatalogi)
Niederlande-England-Deutschland-Frankreich - 1980-1997 - Papier

In the period 1980-1997, the large European auction houses organised auctions in the category "Art Nouveau/Jugendstil-Art Deco and Decorative Arts.” This lot consists of 13 catalogues published by the Dorotheum auction houses in Vienna, Drouot in Paris, Phillips in London, Sotheby's in London, Christie's in Amsterdam, Sotheby's in Amsterdam, Christie's in South Kensington and Christie's in Glasgow. The catalogues feature hundreds of colour and black and white photographs, descriptions and expected yields from the auctioning works of art.
For enthusiasts and experts, these are wonderful reference books.
No. 1) The Dorotheum auction house, September 1984, Jugendstil aus Frankreich, 104 pages
No. 2) Drouot auction house, May 1980, Art Nouveau, 64 pages
No 3) Phillips auction house in London, Sept. 1990, Art Nouveau, Decorative Arts & Studio Ceramics, 34 pages
No. 4) The Dorotheum auction house, December 1986, Jugendstil, 128 pages
No. 5) Sotheby's auction house, November 1991, 20th Century Decorative Works of Art, 82 pages
No. 6) Sotheby's auction house, July 1985, Decorative Arts including Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Art Potters, 94 pages
No. 7) Phillips auction house, January 1992, European & Orientalism Ceramics, Glass & Decorative Arts, 50 pages
No. 8) Christie's auction house, November 1992, 20th Century Decorative Arts, 72 pages
No. 9) Sotheby's auction house, March 1994, Decorative Arts and 20th Century Applied Arts, 90 pages
No. No. 10) Christie's auction house, November 1995, 20th Century Decorative Arts, 64 pages
No. 11) Christie's auction house, December 199, 20th Century Continental Decorative Arts, 62 pages
No. 12) Sotheby's auction house, December 1997, Wintersale with 20th Century Applied Arts, 99 pages
No. 13) Christie's auction house, September 1997, Decorative Arts, Scottish Contemporary and Modern Arts, 48 pages

13 stuks veilingcatalogi
Los mit 13 Stücken Auktionskataloge Kategorie "Jugendstil-Art Deco"
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