Spazierstock - handgemacht mit eingebauter Gitarre

Spazierstock - handgemacht mit eingebauter Gitarre
Niederlande - Zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts

A UNIQUE offer. Unique walking stick with a built-in guitar, artisanally made.
Measurements are: Length: 95cm, Width: top of sound box - 10cm, Width: bottom end - ferrule 2cm.
A unique collector’s item.

A very handy walking stick, you can take your musical instrument with you on all your walks. The walking stick has been handcrafted from rock-maple and has a pine sound box. This gives the instrument a better sound, that you might expect from such a small sound box. The instrument comes together with a tuning key.
This guitar has 4 strings, and can be tuned like the lower 4 strings of a guitar, tenor banjo etc. It is now tuned in open G like a 5-string banjo.
A collectable object, for a collector of canes or guitars, very limited edition.

The photos are an integral part of the description of this lot.
Will be shipped with Track and Trace.

handgemacht mit eingebauter Gitarre
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Wie neu - unbenutzt
0×0×95 cm
490 g
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