Pietro Testa (1612 - 1650) - Venus giving Arms to Aeneas

Pietro Testa (1612 - 1650) - Venus giving Arms to Aeneas
Radierung - Signiert in der Platte - ca. 1638-1640

Good and fresh impression on laid paper with watermark from the second state of 2; a rare work, exquisitely done, from one of the greatest printmakers of the 17th century.

Description: According to Elizabeth Cropper, «Testa's representation of the story of Venus giving arms to Aeneas is based on his close reading of Virgil's account in the Aeneid. To aid Aeneas in his battle against Turnus and in the eventual founding of Rome, Venus appeals to Vulcan to make weapons for her son. As Aeneas marshalls his forces, Venus waits until she sees him alone in a secluded vale beside the cool stream of Caere. She appears to him in person and sets up the shining arms on an oak tree – "the helmet, terrifying with its plumes and spouting flames, the death-dealing sword, the stiff corselet made of iron, blood-red and huge, …. The spear, and the fabric of the shield whose story can be told"» ( "Pietro Testa, 1612-1650: Prints and Drawings", p. 117).

Technique: Etching.

Adam von Bartsch, "Le Peintre graveur", Vienna, 1803.
Paolo Bellini, "L'opera incisa di Pietro Testa", Vicenza, 1976.
Elizabeth Cropper, "Pietro Testa, 1612-1650: Prints and Drawings", Philadephia, 1988.

Condition report: Stained, soiled, with vertical fold. Please study pictures carefully.

Pietro Testa (1612 - 1650)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Venus giving Arms to Aeneas
ca. 1638-1640
Signiert in der Platte
In ziemlich gutem Gesamtzustand mit Alters- und Gebrauchsspuren
Verkauf mit Rahmen
39.2×40.4×0 cm
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