Campo del Cielo Freiform - 112×72×61 mm - 1280 g

Campo del Cielo Freiform - 112×72×61 mm - 1280 g

Campo del Cielo is an iron meteorite fell on Earth around 4000 years ago in Argentina. The huge meteorite, after a journey of 4.5 billion years, hit the Earth's atmosphere at 14,000 km/h, which caused its explosion and fragmentation in a myriad of pieces. This resulted in fragments ranging from the colossal El Chaco (37 tons) to tiny fragments of a few grams, which are scattered over an area of 1350 square kilometres.

Here we have a major piece of almost 1.3 kg, which will bring prestige to a nice collection of meteorites.

Dimensions: 11.2 x 7.2 x 6.1 cm
Weight: 1280 g
Origin: Argentina

Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
Campo del Cielo
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
112×72×61 mm
1280 g
Herkunft (Land)
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