Jorikus Magnus - Original illustration in paint - van Brussel, Chris (Criva) - (2015)

Jorikus Magnus - Original illustration in paint - van Brussel, Chris (Criva) - (2015)
van Brussel, Chris - Mint condition - 1 Original work(s)

A beautiful work in paint of Jorikus Magnus donated by Chris van Brussel aka Criva

Dimensions: 40 x 29.5 cm

Who is Chris van Brussel (Criva):
Chris is a Flemish comic artist and author. He started with the album De Eilander together with the author Verhast. Their work immediately attracted attention. The series Jorikus Magnus quickly followed. This is an album of international class, both in terms of artwork and story.
The series tells the life story of one king Jorik. The scribe of service is the storyteller. The charm and power of this comic lies in the contrast between the glorifying words and the horrific images. At the beginning of the album, you do not expect much more than a heroic account of the good king who fights against all evil forces that do not grant him his sovereignty. However, Jorik turns out to be all but heroic; rather, he is a devious schemer who makes his own rules. With a main character as unsympathetic as Jorik, the story is given a completely different twist and the authors leave the beaten path of the fantasy genre in a very refreshing way.

His final work is the scenario for “Kaspar Hauser” in collaboration with the artist Bart Proost (Alexander)

The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to two charities revolving around “De Warmste Week”.
1) "rolstoelbasket dienstenaanhuis Lions Zedelgem".
With the aim of purchasing sports equipment for G-athletes.
2)"vzw Animaltrust Melle" for the care for and placement of animals in distress.

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