F.C. De Kampioenen - Original cover - De Superspecial - Leemans, Hec -

F.C. De Kampioenen - Original cover - De Superspecial - Leemans, Hec -
Leemans, Hec - Good - 1 Original work(s)

This is the original cover for the album FC de kampioenen: de superspecial donated by Hec Leemans

Dimensions: 36.5 x 25.5 cm
Extra autograph
Some creasing
The colour photos show the digital version as it appeared in album form.

Who is Hec Leemans:
Hector (Hec) Leemans (Temse, January 28, 1950) is a Flemish comic artist and comic author.
He is best known for the Bakelandt series. The first story appeared in 1975, in 1990 he started 2 new series, Nino and Kowalsky.
It was not until 1997 that he started the series after the popular tv series FC de Kampioenen. Because of its great success, the spin-off series Vertongen en Co. was also made. In 2011, he came up with the idea for the first Kampioenen film.
Hec also won the Stripgis prize, better known as the bronze Adhemar.
For more info: https://www.zitacomics.be/

The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to two charities revolving around “De Warmste Week”.
1) "rolstoelbasket dienstenaanhuis Lions Zedelgem".
With the aim of purchasing sports equipment for G-athletes.
2)"vzw Animaltrust Melle" for the care for and placement of animals in distress.

Catawiki supports the fundraiser by facilitating this auction and not charging a seller commission. Many thanks to all who have selflessly donated items for lots.

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