Sloeber - original page - Raadsel in de tijd - Broeckx, Jeff -

Sloeber - original page - Raadsel in de tijd - Broeckx, Jeff -
Broeckx, Jeff - very good - 1 original drawing(s)

Original page from Sloeber album 14 donated by Jeff Broeckx

Dimensions: 41 x 31 cm
Extra signed

Who is Jeff Broeckx:
Jeff is a Flemish cartoonist. When he was sixteen, he went on to work as an illustrator at Standard publishing. He mostly illustrated textbooks. He designed the series Dag en Heidi and Serge. From 1969 he participated in the production of Bessy. In 1973 Sloeber appeared for Zonneland. He also started drawing the albums of Robert & Bertrand. Only in 1980 Sloeber came out in album version. He continued to lead the production of Bessy in the meantime, and in 1984 the series Bessy Natuurkommando appeared. Later he participated in the series Waterland. In 2002 he also drew Musti and was also responsible for the drawings of Klein Suske en Wiske.

The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to two charities revolving around “De Warmste Week”.
1) "rolstoelbasket dienstenaanhuis Lions Zedelgem".
With the aim of purchasing sports equipment for G-athletes.
2) "vzw Animaltrust Melle" for the care for and placement of animals in distress.

Catawiki supports this fundraiser by facilitating this auction and not charging a seller commission. Many thanks to all who have selflessly donated items for lots.

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