Unbekannt - Roman Lorica Segmentata mit Montefortino-Helm

Unbekannt - Roman Lorica Segmentata mit Montefortino-Helm
Nicht lizenzierter Nachbau - Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), Kupfer - Wie neu, unbenutzt

Very nice Roman Lorica Segmentata with Montefortino type helmet, this helmet was the helmet of Julius Caesar his legions but was used until the disaster in the Teutoburg Forest.

Perfect for display/re-enactement, it is a trustfull copy of the original ones.
Must be cleaned, some small dirt, never used - allmost as new, with some flaws but nothing serious.

Iron with copper decorations and leather straps to close the two parts. (all leather parts are in good condition)

The iron of the armour is blue, This is more the model as the Pretorians used or Imperial guard troops.

As the body armour is in 2 parts it is fully adaptable, the helmet is a normal size for an adult with liner and chinstrap for re-enactement.
This is the luxe model with the finishing with copper at the edges of the whole armour.

Send by Track & Trace, due to the weight the shipping cost are a bit higher.

Roman Lorica Segmentata mit Montefortino-Helm
Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen), Kupfer
Wie neu, unbenutzt
Nicht lizenzierter Nachbau
Mit Echtheitszertifikat
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