Anonymous after Simon Vouet - Fortune-teller being pickpocketed

Anonymous after Simon Vouet - Fortune-teller being pickpocketed
Gravur, Radierung - Nicht signiert - 1645-1650

This print is based on a frequently discussed painting by Simon Vouet, now in the National Gallery of Canada, Accession number 6737). It depicts a fortune-teller, who is being pick-pocketed by a man in a hat. The fortune-teller maybe reading the palm of a lady who seems amused. A second man with an elaborate headdress is pointing to the lady, maybe trying to distract the attention of the fortune-teller in order to help the pick-pocketer.

Unsigned. The engraver/etcher appears to be unknown

This print is illustrated and described in the online Royal Collection Trust (RCIN 807524). It differentiates three states based on lettering, but the state cannot be assigned as any region below the border is missing on both prints.

Condition: Significant damages: Top-left corner is torn off, and tears along the central fold. However the images of the 4 characters are intact. Age-related colouring of the paper, and several marks & stains (see photos).

References: Royal Collection Trust RCIN 807524
[not consulted, but probably describes the three states :
J. Thuillier, S. Vouet ,catal. expo RMN paris 1990 n°8 p. 196.
catal. des estampes du XVII: musée de Nancy 2008 page 580.]

Simon Vouet (1590-1649) was a leading French baroque painter. He worked in Italy 1614-1627,chiefly in Rome & worked under the patronage of Pope Urban V111. Returned to France, introducing the Italian Baroque style of painting to there.

Anonymous after Simon Vouet
Titel des Kunstwerks
Fortune-teller being pickpocketed
Gravur, Radierung
Nicht signiert
Siehe Beschreibung
Verkauf mit Rahmen
26.8×18.9 cm
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