Römisches Reich - AR Denarius, Marcus Aurelius (161-180) - Salus (RIC 207) - Silber

Römisches Reich - AR Denarius, Marcus Aurelius (161-180) - Salus (RIC 207) - Silber
SS (sehr schön)

Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-180) AR denarius Rome mint, struck 170 A.D.

Obv: M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXIII, laureate head of Marcus Aurelius right.

Rev: SALVTI AVG COS III, Salus standing facing, head left, feeding from patera a serpent which rises from the altar at her feet.

References: RIC 207
Diameter: ~17x19mm
Weight: 2,72g
Colour: silver
Provenance: ex private collection

This coin is guaranted to be authentic and the guarantee is for life. The coin comes with the guarantee.
I guarantee full money-back including buyer's fee, shipping costs if a reputable authority (NGC or PCGS) disputes the authenticity of the coin. In that case i will cover the costs of the expertise up to a value 25 euros.

I accept refunds only in case of disputing the authenticity by reputable authority! Do not bid if you do not accept this, please.

See the pictures for more details and correct impression

AR Denarius,
Jahr / Periode und Variation
Marcus Aurelius (161-180) - Salus (RIC 207)
SS (sehr schön)
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