Seltene Beltek MR-590 - stereo FM-AM - radio/cassette - 1977-1978

Seltene Beltek MR-590 - stereo FM-AM - radio/cassette - 1977-1978
gut - 4.4×18×13 cm

Pretty rare vintage Beltek stereo radio / cassette with FM and AM, fitted with design chrome transmitter housing with soft green lighting and chrome-coloured original buttons. Officially supplied for (Japanese) classics of Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki or Mitsubishi but also very suitable for in a classic Opel, VW, Fiat or Ford.
The Beltek has been tested: AM/FM stereo plays excellent, all lights burn, also the cassette player works. The powerful (2 x 7W) amplifier provides excellent sound through the well-functioning tone and balance control.
The left button is for on/off, rotate for volume with behind the tone control button, the right rotary knob serves to search for transmitter with behind it the balance knob.
For those who are looking for a quaint well-functioning analogue 'period 1977/1978' radio (with some patina) * * NO RESERVE * * opportunity here.
The Beltek will be well packaged, shipped insured and by registered mail.

Art des Objekts
Seltene Beltek MR-590
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
stereo FM-AM
Modell/ Titel
4.4×18×13 cm
Jahr (ältestes Objekt)
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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