Van der Linden Ed - Original illustration - (2019)

Van der Linden Ed - Original illustration - (2019)
Van der Linden Ed - Near mint condition - 1 Original work(s)

An original illustration made especially for this auction, donated by Ed van der Linden.
Dimensions: 42 x 29.5cm.
In ink and watercolour, signed by Ed van der Linden, on thick drawing paper.

Who is Ed van der Linden:
Ed van der Linden, illustrator, (Maybelle, De Erfwachter and more) graphic designer and photographer behind Zoomdog and specialised in the design of printing, packaging, books, websites, convention stands and POS material, especially for the purposes of marketing and communication.
More information:

The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to two charities revolving around “De Warmste Week”.
1) "rolstoelbasket dienstenaanhuis Lions Zedelgem".
With the aim of purchasing sports equipment for G-athletes.
2)"vzw Animaltrust Melle" for the care for and placement of animals in distress.

Catawiki supports the fundraiser by facilitating this auction and not charging a seller commission. Many thanks to all who have selflessly donated items for lots.

Van der Linden, Ed - Originele illustratie - (2019)
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Van der Linden, Ed
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