Benoit Farjat (1646-1720 ca.) - "Allegoria della Giustizia"

Benoit Farjat (1646-1720 ca.) - "Allegoria della Giustizia"
Radierung und Stichel - Signiert in der Platte - Fine XVII sec.

Sheet trimmed at the framing line, on laid paper with watermark, in good condition, slightly browned, diagonal fold visible on back, and tiny holes on top visible against the light (please see photos).
On bottom left ‘Pres.t Nasini insi.’, on the right ‘Benedict Farjat Sculp.’
Representation of the crowned Justice that holds to the chain two allegorical figures, perhaps Power with a sceptre and crowns, and Culture with a globe with constellations and geometric symbols but also a beam in flames. In the sky, a winged genie holds a cartouche with inscription ‘Hoc imperat astrum’ and two winged genies hold a scale.
From a subject by Sienese Antonio Nasini (1643-1715), but from J M de Birckenstock (Catalogue raisonné..., Vienna 1811) attributed to his more famous brother Giuseppe Nicola.
Benoît Farjat, French etching engraver and pupil of Guillaume Chasteau, was active in Rome where he lived for many years and where he died. Interpretive engraver, its original subjects are unknown.

Benoit Farjat (1646-1720 ca.)
Titel des Kunstwerks
"Allegoria della Giustizia"
Fine XVII sec.
Radierung und Stichel
Signiert in der Platte
In gutem Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
345×238×0 mm
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