Alessio Bonini - Terra di Siena

Alessio Bonini - Terra di Siena
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel - 1 - 2019

Oil on canvas, hand-signed and complete with ownership certificate, validated by the gallery stamp.
A unique and original artwork.
The canvas is to be stretched through the appropriate turnbuckles on back.
The framed image is for illustration purposes only, aimed at recommending a particular colour scheme to the buyer.
Brief artist’s biography:
Alessio Bonini is a Ligurian artist.
His contacts with art were early and encouraged by his grandfather, the artist Franco G. Rossi aka Francus, who had important collaborations during his career, working with the Bertesca art gallery in Genoa as well as with artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, D’Arcangelo and many others.
During his childhood (a period in which the whole perceptive world is full of powerful colour suggestions and captivating shapes) Alessio achieved his first successes by participating in some art and poetry competitions. In addition, the family figure of his grandfather represented, and still embodies a driving force for his artistic growth and the basis of his pictorial training.
He grew up breathing art, imbuing himself with colours and nuances that allowed him to feed the inner fire of his creativity.
Despite his young age, the artist already took part in a series of exhibitions dedicated to his artistic works. In particular, we can mention two events in Liguria: the ‘Bipersonal’ exhibition he held in Brugnato at the gallery of Piazza Brosini for a five-year period, and the exhibition of his most provocative work entitled ‘L’Incubatrice’ at the Lia Museum in La Spezia.
In fact, this last installation made of bronze and plexiglass caused a strong reaction among the public for the message it offered. ‘The relationship between inner and outer world’, a theme continuously represented throughout the artist’s production until today.
Continuing his studies, first as a student of the Cardarelli art school and later as a workshop apprentice of the artist-Professor Massimo Bertonati, Alessio learned and specialised in the use of particular techniques such as dripping and palette knife. Through the use of colours, Alessio has gradually developed a particular ability to impress animistic landscapes on canvas, also characterised by significant chromatic climaxes that lead the observer to undertake an emotional (personal and inner) journey through the canvas that, in this sense, becomes a contaminating and interactive work of art.
Not surprisingly, the artist personally follows and manages the Emotional Painting course at the art gallery-laboratory he founded the Carneviola Art Gallery & Creative LAB in his hometown.
Carneviola is a reality he calls ‘a creative core’, as it can be defined as a living creature that started to breathe and express itself after June 2018, basing his exhibition and laboratory activities on a social project that sees art as evolution in all moments of man’s daily life. Through the energy of its creators, Carneviola absorbed the most profitable inspirations deriving from the experiences of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Cittadellarte and the Weimar myth of the Bauhaus.
These artistic suggestions turn out to be fundamental for the formation of Alessio so much as to pay their constant tribute through the existence of Carneviola and the activities promoted within it

Alessio Bonini
Titel des Kunstwerks
Terra di Siena
Öl auf Leinwand
Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel
Verkauf mit Rahmen
60×50 cm
60×50×2 cm
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