Klassischer Blaupunkt - San Remo SQM29 - 1989

Klassischer Blaupunkt - San Remo SQM29 - 1989
gut - 5×18×16 cm

Best rare version Blaupunkt San Remo SQM29 stereo radio cassette player from 1989 (made in Germany). At that time only found in the more expensive car brands such as Porsche/Mercedes and BMW and the more luxurious versions of Volvo, Alfa Romeo and Audi. The Blaupunkt music quality really stands out with this type of San Remo SQM29 with placement of quality speakers. The Blaupunkt has been tested and functions excellently, both reception (on LW/MW and FM) and the stereo playback (16W) is fine and the 30-year old faceplate looks very good with fully working display and neat buttons. The Blaupunkt features the expensive Quick-out box with 2 wiring plugs. The last 3 pictures of antique-radio-madness support Blaupunkts sales-promotion arguments. The San Remo SQM29 is well packaged, insured and shipped by registered mail.

Art des Objekts
Klassischer Blaupunkt
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
San Remo SQM29
5×18×16 cm
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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