Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri) - Neptuno

Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri) - Neptuno
Mixed Media - Handsigniert - 2019

Artist listed in Artsy
It is acrylic paint and spray on an original work of the artist printed on 400g cotton canvas. This is a unique piece. It is finished by hand and no two are the same. Finally varnished for its correct conservation. It is not a numbered multiple edition. It is a unique painted work, you will never find another exactly the same. Signed by hand on both sides. It is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.The canvas will be sent protected inside a postal tube. Sending insured

CROSS MAGRI (ivanrubioart):
Cross Magri (Ivan Rubio) is an artist born in Barcelona, with a clear upward projection.As a child he liked to paint and as a teenager he made graffiti until he discovered his great passion: paint large canvases.The art of Cross Magri is born mainly from a bright colour palette that lives in your mind. Influenced by a multitude of beautiful things that he finds around him every day, the artist likes to translate them on canvas so that they last.Cross is a self-taught artist and is influenced by varied styles: he takes small ideas of realism, surrealism, expressionism...from here and there, to finally create his paintings in which elements and ideas predominate Popart and Street-Art but also Baroque, Classical and Neoclassical, including also portraits of great icons especially of cinema or music. In each of his paintings there is a small tribute to many artists he admires - artists large and small - who have contributed something to the creativity of Cross.Currently some of his works are in galleries in USA and Europe.

Ivan Rubio (Cross Magri)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Mixed Media
80×80 cm
94×0×94 cm
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