NWA 11518 Chondrite Meteorite, H5 - 102 g

NWA 11518 Chondrite Meteorite, H5 - 102 g

NWA 11518 Chondrite Meteorite, H5 - 102 g.

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Chondrites are undifferentiated meteorites, formed 4.5 billion years ago and are the product of our solar system. They come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which, as a result of violent shocks, changed course and some of these fragments passed through the Earth’s orbit and become meteorites. One can clearly distinguish bits of metal in the middle of the Chondrules. These are the oldest objects that can be touched on Earth.
Chondrite is a term used in planetary sciences to refer to a certain type of stony meteorites (less than 35% metal). This category contains the most primitive meteorites, and is itself divided into several subgroups of meteorites: the ordinary chondrites, carbonaceous chondrites, and in enstatite chondrites.

The defining feature of the chondrites is the presence of chondrules, Sub-millimetre balls largely made up of silicates. The standard model for their initial formation is that they are produced during the condensation of the solar nebula, under the effect of electrical discharges within the proto-solar cloud of cosmic dust. These rocks are the oldest in the solar system. Chondrites are considered to be the first elements from which planets are formed.

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Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
Chondrite Meteorite NWA 11518, H5
102 g
Herkunft (Land)
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